Mon 11
Fireflies - U13
Firefly's v Finch

Firefly's v Finch

By Patricia Balcombe
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Great Teamwork

Well done to the 7 girls who played this evening in very cold & windy conditions.

All of the girls did their own job well and focused hard on their spacing and giving lots of options on court for passing the ball.
Jessica & Rosa worked hard in the shooting circle to make space and deliver quick passes to each other, moving the ball closer to the goalposts and were rewarded with some great shots. They fought for any rebounds and were quick to put the pressure on if the opposition had the ball.
Tilly, Jessie & Emma worked tirelessly in mid-court, moving well to receive the ball and looking for the safe options to deliver a quick pass down the court.
Florence & Jenaleigh never stopped in defense, piling on the pressure and making it very hard for the opposition to get the ball into their shooting circle.

A great team effort from all the girls who were rewarded with the win against a team they had previously lost to.

Very well done to all the girls.

Player of the match (as voted by the opposition) Florence Emerson

Thank you to Josie Luximon for umpiring the match.

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Mon 11, Mar 2019



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